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Types of Booths

Green Screen Booth

Rent out our Green Screen Booth that can fit 1-2 people. With this booth we can add any virtual background you want!

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Large Booth

Rent out our large booth that can fit up to 4-5 people. Diameter of 48 inches.

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Small Booth

Rent out our small booth that fits 1-2 people. Diameter of 24 inches. 

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What is the difference between the large and small booth?

Both 360 photobooths shoot in slow motion. However, the small booth can only fit 1-2 people and the large booth can fit 4-5 people.

Where do you travel to?

We travel anywhere in the world, but travel fees are added when your event is 30 mi+ outside of the Dallas Fort Worth Area

What type of events do you do?

We will come to any type of event. Bdays - Weddings - Baby Showers - Corporate Events - Graduations

How do we get the videos?

After guests shoot their video, we edit the video and instantly share it with guests right after they shoot the video.

What is the set up like?

We arrive 30 min. to 1 hr. before the event to be set and ready. We only need at least 10X10 space and can shoot the videos inside or outside

Is there an attendant at the 360 photobooth?

Yes, at every event there is an attendant working the photobooth to ensure your event goes smooth.

How do I rent the 360 photobooth?

Fill out our contact form and provide as much information about your event so we can give a quote


We rented the 360 camera for our wedding. HUGE HIT with the guests. I would highly recommend them for any event to enhance the entertainment!


Everyone at Prom loved the Photobooth. I didn't even now a photobooth like this existed!


Photobombdfw did an amazing job and were on time and set up with ease. They did an amzing job for our wedding and I highly recommend.  


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