Photobomb360 Scotland & Europe's Premiere Photobooth

Small 360 Booth

 Accommodates 1-2 people.

Perfect for Birthdays, Reunions, House Parties

6x6 Space

 360 photobooth wedding events

Large 360 Booth

 Accommodates 4-5 People

Included in our Deluxe Package

Perfect for Weddings, Graduations, Baby Showers

8X8 Space

360 photo booth europe scotland wedding events

360 Photobooth Packages

360 photo booth wedding videographer
360 photobooth europe spinbooth

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between each booth?

Both 360 photobooths shoot 360 slow motion video. However, the small booth can only accommodate 1-2 people and the large booth accommodates fit 4-5 people. 

2. Do We Travel?

We travel anywhere in the world, but travel fees are added when your event is 50 mi+ outside of Glasgow.

3. What type of events will we do?

We will come to any type of event. Bdays - Weddings - Baby Showers - Corporate Events - Graduations

4. How do we get the videos?

After guests shoot their video, we edit the video and instantly share it.

5. What is the set up like?

We arrive 20 min before the event to be set and ready. We only need at least an 8X8 space and can setup  inside or outside.

(all setup and breakdown times are included free of charge!)

6. Is there an attendant at the 360 photobooth?

Yes, a trained member of our bomb squad will be at your event, to make sure your guests enjoy the 360 experience!

7. How do I rent the 360 photobooth?

Click the Bomb to get started!